EXCLUSIVE: Supervisor Steve Taylor reacts to County Executive going after him

Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor who represents a portion of Franklin on the county board is up for re-election this April.

He faces Patti Logsdon, who ran against Taylor in the last election.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice today published that County Executive Chris Abele who happens to be personally filthy rich (not a crime, just a fact) has decided to put his own cash into the political ring in an effort to bounce some supervisors, including Taylor.

I exclusively have Taylor’s reaction to Bice’s report, but some background is necessary.

FOR THE RECORD:  For years I have been very critical of Steve Taylor’s voting and decorum as a Franklin alderman.

I have been far less critical, almost not at all, about Taylor’s record as a county supervisor. Granted,  as I’ve written in the past, it’s relatively easy to vote against that clown car of county supervisors. Even so, it’s tough to argue with Taylor’s votes at the county level.

During Taylor’s last campaign I blogged in support of his opponent, Patti Logsdon.  She’s running against Taylor again.

Truth is I don’t live in Taylor’s county supervisor district or his Franklin aldermanic district.

Truth is whomever I “endorse” means nothing.

But being a local blogger and following the local political scene as closely as I do, I may want to blog about this race, and most assuredly will. We’ll see.

Finally, and it must be noted, my many public criticisms of Taylor have been political, not personal as I have blogged in the past.

Taylor and I get along well. He has always been kind to me (except one time when he told me and my ilk to move the hell out of Franklin at  a public meeting) and my family. The same holds true for his late wife.

So, to the issue at hand.

Bice’s column providing a good insight into Abele’s plans is here.

I asked Taylor to provide me a statement in  response. Here it is, unedited, in its entirety:

It appears County Executive Chris Abele and his Dad’s money are the real opponents in my re-election.  I have never seen another elected official besides Abele invest money or political capital like this before.  It doesn’t surprise me because I won’t support issues like his $60 wheel tax or his paid parking in the parks.  I won’t go along with closing pools, scaring our seniors or threatening to close homeless shelters because the County Executive didn’t get his way. 

Abele obviously doesn’t care that I have been a strong voice of the taxpayers and of my district.  It doesn’t matter that I listened when the voters in Franklin, Hales Corners and Oak Creek rejected his wheel tax by almost 90%.  It doesn’t matter that I have a good working relationship with my colleagues which has resulted in many public road and park improvements in my district. 

No, Abele wants all or nothing.  Abele wants to get his way 100% of the time or he targets those who stand up to him.  This is very scary for those whom I represent because he wouldn’t be spending money to attack me or produce puff pieces for my opponent unless she is willing to take orders.  My opponent will be a rubber stamp of the County Executive’s policies.  That much is clear.  

Voters shouldn’t be fooled by the shiny mailers they will receive or the robo calls they will most likely get in the next two months.  Voters should ask themselves why?  Lately we have seen Chris Abele act more and more like a petulant child who has used his family’s wealth to get whatever he wants and he doesn’t like that I have told him NO.  That’s Why!!      


7 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Supervisor Steve Taylor reacts to County Executive going after him

  1. Hello Mr. Fischer,

    In response to Steve Taylor’s remarks in the “This Just in…From Franklin, WI blog post on 2/6/18, I’d like to respond with the following:

    Supervisor/Alderman Taylor should be concerned about his re-election prospects. Taylor continues to vote hand in hand with Marina Dimitrijevic and supporting the far left Working Families Party rather than with the conservative wing of the County Board. Taylor voted against requiring Supervisors to vote yearly on continuing the $30 Wheel Tax, instead supporting the tax and any increases without taking responsibility.

    When elected I will work with all local elected officials from Franklin, Hales Corners and Oak Creek along with other county officials and State legislators to bring fiscal responsibility to the Milwaukee County Board. There is a new group of candidates who are willing to improve relations between the legislative and executive branch of Milwaukee County and I will join that movement.

    Thanks for your time and consideration,

    Patti Logsdon
    Candidate for Milwaukee County 9th Supervisor District


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    • That’s a good question, Mike

      Here’s another: Did you oppose Ballpark Commons, and now that it’s a reality will you now support it?

      And what about the Abele money? He’s a liberal. You can’t attack Taylor, accusing him of liberal associations when you’re tied financially to Abele.


  3. Abele’s money may talk. Steve Taylor’s work as my County Supervisor speaks volumes loud and clear of what needs to be done in Milwaukee County. Steve listen to us..


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