Today’s highly interesting read (01/24/18): NO PARKING METERS IN OUR PARKS!

Estabrook Beer Garden Opening  by Milwaukee County Parks, via Flickr

The Traveling Beer Garden™ Vern and the Orignals | by Milwaukee County Parks

Pictures from Beer Gardens in the Milwaukee County Parks.

The Milwaukee County Board is considering a proposal to install parking meters in county parks to raise revenue. County Executive Chris Abele supports the plan.

This idea is foolish and needs to be rejected. My God, must every solution around here be to raise taxes or fees?

From today’s read:

Did they consider that many park goers would find alternative free parking in neighborhoods adjacent to parks and parkways? Have they determined the effects this might have on other revenue-producing entities such as beer gardens, the Domes and Boerner Botanical Gardens; athletics such as soccer and Little League; or the impacts on the health and well-being of many who will find themselves priced out of visiting parks they have long loved?

Read the entire column here.

And residents are speaking out.


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