The latest pro-life news (01/22/18)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:


With four pickup locations, enthusiastic Wisconsin pro-lifers filled two PLW buses and headed to DC for the 45th March for Life. Throughout the 16 hour bus ride, Wisconsinites prayed the rosary, Divine Mercy chaplet, shared pro-life stories, watched pro-life films and tried to catch some sleep. The entire trip was filled with incredible blessings. Shortly after arriving in town, PLW pilgrims stopped and prayed outside a DC Planned Parenthood. Their hearts were lifted when they witnessed a baby saved. The next day, sunny and cool weather greeted everyone. Wisconsinite pro-lifers joined hundreds of thousands of fellow pro-lifers on the National Mall and were moved by the inspiring words of the MFL-DC speakers, including President Trump. Check out the time lapse of the March here. Pro-Life Wisconsin signs were carried throughout the March, by Wisconsinites and other ardent pro-lifers. In fact, they were so popular, PLW signs made it into 29 of the Best Signs at the March for LifeThank you for your prayers. PLW pilgrims and staff felt them throughout the trip. We are so grateful to those who could join us, Love Saves Lives!

Couldn’t join us this year? Check out the PLW 2018 March for Life album here

Did you march with us? Share your photos by emailing them to We’d love to see your perspective!


The Personhood Alliance, of which Pro-Life Wisconsin is a founding member, has drafted an on-line petition asking pro-lifers to urge University of Notre Dame President, Father Jenkins, to end President Obama’s Abortion Pill Mandate at Notre Dame immediately.

During the Obama administration, the University of Notre Dame fought hard against being forced by the Obama administration to provide abortion-causing pills and contraception as part of its healthcare package for students and employees. Notre Dame fought the abortifacient mandate in court, but lost, and was subsequently forced to cooperate with the grave evil of abortion. Now, the Trump administration has offered the university the very exception it went to court to receive, and incredibly, the university is choosing to reject the Trump administration’s helping hand only to continue to provide abortion pills and cooperate with abortion.

SIGN this petition and send a strong message to Father Jenkins, President of Notre Dame, that it is not acceptable for a Catholic institution to pay for abortion inducing drugs and services.

Pro-Life News

NEW TRUMP OFFICE WOULD PROTECT CONSCIENCE RIGHTS OF DOCTORS: “Reinforcing its strong connection with social conservatives, the Trump administration announced Thursday a new federal office to protect medical providers refusing to participate in abortion, assisted suicide or other procedures on moral or religious grounds.” Read the full article here. And read the HHS announcement here.

TRUMP’S HISTORIC SPEECH TO MARCH FOR LIFE: ABORTION IS ‘WRONG, IT HAS TO CHANGE’: “In the first-ever live streamed address of a sitting president to the March for Life, Republican President Donald Trump vowed his administration will work to uphold the sanctity of life. ‘Under my administration, we will always defend the very first right in the Declaration of Independence, and that is the right to life,’ the president told cheering crowds of hundreds of thousands that packed Washington Mall Friday.” Read the full article here.

PENCE TO PRO-LIFERS: “WE WILL RESTORE THE SANCTITY OF LIFE TO THE CENTER OF AMERICAN LAW”: “The United States is on the verge of restoring ‘the sanctity of life to the center of American law,’ and the Trump administration is completely backing the move, Vice President Mike Pence told pro-lifers at the March for Life in Washington D.C. Friday.” Read the full article here.

From WI Right To Life


Why the Mainstream Media Won’t Show Pictures of the March for Life

This is what the pro-life generation looks like


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