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These local students



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“Under my administration, we will always defend the very first right in the Declaration of Independence, and that is the right to life.”
President Trump at the March for Life

“How grateful are we to have a pro life president back in the White House! One thing that gets lost is how compassionate the pro-life movement is. To help women who have gone through the pain of abortion, to help single mothers, to give them resources through thousands of pregnancy centers: this is the face of the pro-life movement.”
House Speaker Paul Ryan at the March for Life

“I get exercise. I mean I walk, I this, I that. I run over to a building next door. I get more exercise than people think.”
President Trump

“Why did NBC give him a show for a decade on TV, why did Chuck Schumer and all of his colleagues come and beg Donald Trump for money? I think it’s just an outrageous and ludicrous excuse, and they need to get on board and start actually doing what they were elected to do.”
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said claims that President Trump is a  racist are “outrageous.”

“The Associated Press ran to Haitians in the US for comment (weird how they’re here and not there, right?). Unsurprisingly, the AP couched Trump’s words as an attack on immigrants, not criticism of countries, because the narrative had been set.

“Unasked by the AP: If these countries are such wonderful places, why are people willing to risk their lives and the lives of their children to leave? Surely a nation known for its poor eating literal dirt cookies with rampant crime and corruption will replace the Hamptons as a vacation destination for all of these virtue signaling coastal snobs, right?

“Of course not.”
Columnist Derek hunter

“I am extremely worried that we are going to lose one or more American cities in the next decade or two if we do not improve our defensive capabilities. The loss of life would be almost unendurable.

“The loss of our freedoms in a very dangerous world would be horrifying.

“Today we have the potential to build a substantial missile defense system that would dramatically increase the safety of the American people.

“The president should deliver an Oval Office address describing the genuine threat and the horror of what would have occurred if the Hawaii alert had been real.

“He should challenge members of Congress to fully fund a multiyear space combat missile defense system precisely as they would a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.”
Newt Gingrich on the false emergency alert in Hawaii

“The free press is the despot’s enemy, which makes the free press the guardian of democracy. When a figure in power reflexively calls any press that doesn’t suit him ‘fake news,’ it is that person who should be the figure of suspicion, not the press.”
Outgoing US Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) criticizing President Trump

“The interesting question is: Why have movie stars and other celebrities become an aristocracy of secular demigods? It seems to me an objective fact that virtually any other group of professionals plucked at random from the Statistical Abstract of the United States — nuclear engineers, plumbers, grocers, etc. — are more likely to model decent moral behavior in their everyday lives. Indeed, it is a bizarre inconsistency in the cartoonishly liberal ideology of Hollywood that the only super-rich people in America reflexively assumed to be morally superior are people who pretend to be other people for a living.”
Columnist Jonah Goldberg

“No new information, barring actual changes in the underlying economy or a war, will dramatically change Americans’ views of Trump. Everything has already been baked into the cake.

“That’s why the puzzlement of the Left over the Right’s apparent disinterest in the latest scandalous reports about Trump having sex with porn stars while married misses the point: we already knew this was Trump. The man had an affair with his second wife while married to his first; he had an affair with his third wife while married to his second. He used to call up newspapers in New York, pretending to be his own press agent, and lie to them about his sexual peccadillos. He’s appeared in a Playboy soft-porn video.

“…simply throwing gossipy headlines at him does nothing to him, because we knew who he was when we elected him.”
Columnist Ben Shapiro

“We believe our state is one where we make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. We make every effort possible to reach out to voters to get them registered to vote.”
Ohio’s secretary of state, Jon Husted. The U.S. Supreme Court is considering  whether Ohio’s so-called use-it-or-lose-it voter registration rule violates federal law.Ohio, which has the most aggressive voter-purge system in the country, currently strikes voters from the registration rolls if they fail to vote in two consecutive elections — and if they fail to return a mailed address confirmation form.

“I’ve earned the right to vote. Whether I use it or not is up to my personal discretion. They don’t take away my right to buy a gun if I don’t buy a gun.”
Larry Harmon, a U.S. Navy veteran who didn’t vote in the 2009 or 2010 elections and didn’t respond to a mailed notice from Ohio’s election board. When he went to the polls in November 2015, he learned that he had been removed from the state’s voter rolls. He is the plaintiff in a U.S. Supreme Court case against Ohio about when it’s legal to kick inactive voters off registration lists. 

I recently asked a high-school senior what she saw herself doing in a few years. She said, “Well, just a dental assistant.” I challenged her on the word just.  Why was she demeaning her career choice? There’s nothing wrong with being a dental assistant. Something told her, though, that it wasn’t a career worthy of her being excited about or of her respecting herself enough to not apologize for her choice.

At the same event, I asked another high-school student what she aspired to. She looked at me and confidently said, “I want to be a wife and mom.”  She didn’t try to explain or defend. Her self-respect gave her the confidence to believe her choice is good and right.

In 2018, I think women need to be more like this second student. We need to have enough self-respect to quit apologizing for good and appropriate choices we make.
Julaine Appling, president of the Wisconsin Family Council

“It was nice to be told that I was beautiful or that I had a nice little ass.”
Former French actress and sex symbol Brigitte Bardot says most actresses who have protested sexual harassment are “hypocritical” and “ridiculous” because many of them “tease” producers to land film parts


Not fired!


The March for Life in DC


WI state Senate loss by GOP is disastrous and will lead to Dem election wave this year

Aaron Rodgers is dating Danica Patrick


Night Became Day In Detroit As Meteor Lit Up Sky



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