Two Trump supporters, two different views


Over the weekend the subject did come up in a few places I found myself.

I discussed with two individuals, both of whom are firmly in the President Trump camp.

One said she backs the president, but wishes he’d tone down his rhetoric.

But another told me this:

“I’m glad we got him. The more he ticks off the other side, the more I love it.”

I suspect there are many that fit into both categories.

Not so rough, Mr. President.

Give ‘em hell, Mr. President!

The latter of the two supporters I mentioned agreed with me when I replied it doesn’t matter what he says or how he says it, or what he does, the Left will always be hatefully critical.

His response:

“He could walk on water and they’d say he can’t swim.”

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One thought on “Two Trump supporters, two different views

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