Aloha Steve Taylor!

Milwaukee County Supervisor /Franklin Alderman Steve Taylor is one lucky guy.

In more ways than one.

At the moment he’s nowhere near Wisconsin.

Taylor’s parents spend six months on the Hawaiian island of Maui. So he visits them for about two weeks this time of year.

That means Taylor experienced a story that went worldwide this past weekend.

On Saturday he and his brother took a 10-passenger Mokulele Airlines flight at 8:00 am to Honolulu. They intended to visit Pearl Harbor and check out the 30 to 40 foot waves on the North Shore of Oahu.

Taylor shared details on what happened next in an e-mail to me.

“While in flight we were told by the pilot that there was a missile warning but they were told it was a mistake. We all thought it was a joke because nobody received a warning as our phones were in flight mode.  It was after we landed and turned on our phones that the emergency texts came in…


…the warning text came after the false alarm text.  The pilot told us that they were in a holding pattern until they were told it was safe to land. The other option was for us to turn around and head back to Maui.

“When we arrived (at Maui) there was a definite eerie feeling that is hard to explain. It’s like everyone was in a daze and it’s is all you heard people talking about.”

Taylor informed me the not at all surprising. Hawaii is our most beautiful state. It’s also one of our most liberal.

Immediate news reports blamed the Trump White House. We know that the truth is a bureaucrat in the Hawaii state government screwed up royally by issuing a false alert and has not been fired as he should have been. He’s been…reassigned.

Taylor sent me this link.

I disagree with the reporting that this was a mistake. As Fonzie once said in a “Happy Days” episode, “1 + 1 = 3 is a mistake.”

What happened in Hawaii was a catastrophe as more than a million people literally thought Pearl Harbor was happening all over again.

Did Taylor get to Oahu?

“We accomplished our mission and a few other things. It scared the hell out of our mom who got the warning while we were in flight and for 38 minutes felt similar to those who were on the ground running for cover.”

We’re glad you’re safe, Steve.

A few final notes.

We know you read my blog, Steve, even if it more than usual gives you heartburn.

If you’re reading right now, don’t stop!


Then head for the ocean.

And lastly, Steve, if you’re anything of a son at all, you’ll take your parents out to dinner at Pacifo’O.

My wife, Jennifer and I highly recommend.

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