Today’s highly interesting read (01/09/18): Capital Punishment: A Defense of Justice

Last October Gallup conducted a poll on the death penalty. The results were quite surprising.

  • 55% in favor of death penalty for convicted murderers
  • That’s the lowest support has been since 50% in March 1972

A large majority of Republicans still favor the death penalty, but the  percentage, usually at 80% or slightly higher, dropped to 72% in the Gallup poll.


Blogger Jack Kerwick argues that we must have capital punishment.

…along with other several other moral-cultural issues in which they once took an interest, issues like abortion, euthanasia, and “gay marriage,” to note but a few, the topic of the death penalty is one in which contemporary conservatives appear to have little interest.

This is just one of the many crucial respects in which the conservative movement has gone off the rails, for a society that abolishes the death penalty is a less just society for doing so.

Kerwick continues:

Monsters live among us.

Cold-blooded murderers, rapists, terrorists, and torturers—a society that refuses to execute these savage predators is a society for which doing justice, affirming the sacrosanct value of human life, and underscoring the supremacy of law are given short shrift.

His entire thoughtful column is here.


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