Today’s highly interesting read (12/29/17): 2017 Year in Review: Did that really happen?

I never post anything in this blog category written by a liberal. Or so I’ve been accused.

There are important reasons for that.

One, I’m not a liberal. God forbid.

Two, the entry must be one that I find highly interesting. The odds of a liberal columnist passing muster with me? Not good.

Today’s a rare exception as humor columnist Dave Barry offers his year in review.

Look, we know where on the political spectrum Barry is coming from. Still, some of this stuff is worth the read. Remember, he’s a humorist.

A sample…


… President Trump, following in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, tweets out a video clip from the internet in which he body-slams a wrestler with a CNN logo superimposed over the wrestler’s head. This in itself is so embarrassing that everybody assumes the story cannot get any stupider, but CNN rises to the occasion by announcing that its “KFile” investigative team has ferreted out the identity of the image’s creator, a private citizen who goes by the internet name “HanA**holeSolo.” (We are not making this up.) In a lengthy story on this journalistic coup, CNN magnanimously declares that it will not reveal HanA**holeSolo’s identity because he apologized and “showed his remorse” for other things he has tweeted that CNN, in its constitutionally prescribed role as Internet Police, deemed unacceptable. And thus the republic is saved.

The entire column is here.

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