Today’s highly interesting read (12/27/17): Waiting for Alzheimer’s

Normally the articles I pass along in the “Highly Interesting” segment are about politics or cultural issues. Not today.

The New York Times’ N.R. Kleinfield spent 20 months with one woman in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease as she tried to make sense of it all and live her best life.

Every 67 seconds, with monotonous cruelty, Alzheimer’s takes up residence in another American. Degenerative and incurable, it is democratic in its reach. People live with it about eight to 10 years on average, though some people last for 20 years. More than five million Americans are believed to have it, two-thirds of them women, and now Ms. Taylor would join them.

 The disease, with its thundering implications, moves in worsening stages to its ungraspable end. That is the familiar face of Alzheimer’s, the withered person with the scrambled mind marooned in a nursing home, memories sealed away, aspirations for the future discontinued. But there is also the beginning, the waiting period.

That was Geri Taylor. Waiting.

Read the entire NY Times article here.

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