Did I have a Christmas miracle?

A few years ago I had very successful surgery on my right hip.

That meant our family trip to Disney World in October and November of 2016 was 100% pain free.

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If you’ve been to the Mouse House you know how fun, but exhausting a vacation it can be.

On that last day, leaving the hotel for the airport, I’m always thinking about the next adventure, usually the following year.

However, around February or March of this year I started experiencing the same pain that necessitated surgery, this time in my left hip. It lingered so I stopped even thinking about planning a trip to Florida which I normally would do months and months ahead of time.

Sorry, Kyla. Just can’t do it.

And then come November and primarily in December, the pain more or less disappeared.


During my annual physical earlier this month I discussed this with my doctor. He chuckled and said it was obvious what was going on.

I’ve lost 22 pounds in a year.

Instant relief.

No divine intervention?

I still thank God.

And Orlando, the Fischer family just might be back soon!

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