Naming right$ in $chool$

This is Flambeau Field, the football/soccer field inside of Beryl Newman Stadium in Baraboo, WI.

Twitter photo

Naming rights were sold two years ago to help finance the athletic field.

Flambeau Field is one of several examples cited in a lengthy piece by the Sauk Prairie Eagle.

The idea for naming rights is a fairly new development for school districts, developed over the past several years. The concept began decades ago in the arenas and stadiums of professional sports teams and has trickled down through universities and colleges in almost every state. With funding sources for local school districts tightening or drying up, districts have begun looking at new ways to pay for costly maintenance work and large-scale projects both inside and outside school walls.

At MPS there are no limits when it comes to naming rights. Other school districts are more cautious according to the article.

Some projects simply don’t get done without utilizing this concept.

I would argue the Franklin School District that is unmerciful in its taxing and spending should explore naming rights.

But does it have a policy in place?


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