Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Santa’s Beard

Before we get to this week’s oldie I want to share a fun article I found from 2013 in the Chicago Tribune about those guys that portray Santa Claus. Apparently there’s a debate among them about whether to go with a real or fake beard.

“A kid will be sitting on my lap, wanting to believe in Santa and staring at my beard. I’ll stroke it, giving him leave to touch it. He’ll tug it, and — lo and behold — it doesn’t come off!” said Steve Francois.

Phillip Wenz has a different opinion.

“Real beards lack the magic,” said Wenz. “How many guys can grow more than a few scraggly whiskers on their chin?”

No matter the perspective the Santas love their job.

Jac Grimes, board chairman of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas (yes there is such a thing) said, “We were the fat child, the awkward kid last to be chosen for pickup soccer games. But now, we grow a beard, put on a red suit and we’re the center of attention.”

Trying to be convincing, while Santa’s goal, doesn’t always work. Just listen to this tune from December of 1964.

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