Today’s highly interesting read (11/30/17): It’s Wisconsin’s smallest and most isolated school district

Before we get to today’s read, an appropriate intro.

The Milwaukee Business Journal posted a piece that includes an opportunity to link to the DPI’s  ranking of the best high schools in Wisconsin.

Kohler High School  was ranked #1 with an accountability  score of 97.7. Franklin came in at #54 with a score of 77.4.

At Franklin High 56% of students are proficient in English Language Arts & Literacy, one of the factors taken into account by the DPI.

When it comes to Math, 45% of Franklin students are proficient.

And yet the DPI says Franklin High exceeded expectations. Of course they did. I’ll leave it to the Franklin taxpayers who’ve had to cough up tons of dollars in school referenda to determine if their contributions have been worth it.

School districts are critical for the role they play in building the strength and character of future generations. Unfortunately they also rank near the top of professions that whine and moan and complain the loudest about the difficulty of their job. They have created their own PR nightmare.

Not enough funding.

Salaries stink.

Buildings are too old.

Not enough funding.

Buildings are too small.

Salaries stink.

Those Republicans in Madison.

I have to teach how many kids?

On and on and on it goes. I wish for their own good they’d stop doing that.

That’s why I was intrigued by this article from the Wisconsin State Journal:

State’s smallest and most isolated school district overcomes its challenges and limitations

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