Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Instead of Sheep

Yes, we’re early this week because we’re going to dip dig into that bag of Thanksgiving songs.

Well, no. There is no such bag. More like an envelope.

There is an appropriate Thanksgiving song, though it was written for the movie “White Christmas” by the legendary Irving Berlin.

In September of 1952 Berlin wrote a letter to 20th Century Fox executive Joseph Schenck:

I’m enclosing a lyric of a song I finished here and which I am going to publish immediately…You have always said that I commercial my emotions and many times you were wrong, but this particular song is based on what really happened.

The story is in its verse, which I don’t think I’ll publish.  As I say in the lyrics, sometime ago, after the worst kind of a sleepless night, my doctor came to see me and after a lot of self-pity, belly-aching and complaining about my insomnia, he looked at me and said “speaking of doing something about insomnia, did you ever try counting your blessings?”

…Personally I feel it’s the best song I have written in a long time and should be a hit.  I would have saved it for one of the pictures, but they’re too far off…

Two years later Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney sang the song in “White Christmas.”

From 2005…

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