What if Franklin had been invited?

I found this interesting as I opened my NOW newspaper installment Wednesday tucked inside my Journal Sentinel.

The headline read:

Four South Shore communities boast of milestones, plan for more growth

From the article:

Mayors from across the South Shore highlighted major developments from 2017 and what the future looks like at a special South Shore Chamber of Commerce meeting Nov. 2.

Oak Creek, South Milwaukee, Cudahy, and St. Francis were all represented with the Oak Creek Civic Center hosting the event. The mayors of each respective city presented their highlights and challenges.

Very interesting, indeed. Note the Oak Creek steamroller isn’t even close to running out of gas.

And I wondered, what if there was another venue allowing this Franklin resident’s mayor to respond to the very same issue.

What would that sound like?

It didn’t take long.

Forget it, I told myself.

Too depressing.

3 thoughts on “What if Franklin had been invited?

  1. About 125 people were at Wheaton Franklin Hospital for the Southwest Suburban Chambers annual State of the Cities presentation on October 9. Lacking was any press or blog coverage. I’d put some pictures here but the site doesn’t allow it.


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