Radio butchers a Christmas classic

I was driving home today with the car radio tuned to B93.3. They’ve gone all Christmas music.

There are very few Christmas songs played on the radio that I don’t know the title and the artist almost instantly when the music begins.

So when this particular Christmas song started I wasn’t about to change the station.

The recording was from an album nominated for a  1997 Grammy Award for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album. The song was the most played holiday record of 1996.

I listened with particular interest because I know how radio stations have treated this recording in the past. Maybe B93.3 would be different.

My radio told me the time was 5:48.

By 5:51 the song was over and the next holiday tune was playing.

How could that be? The recording is 5 minutes long.

It had been edited, nearly chopped in half, just like other stations have done for years. B93.3 was no different.

What’s been eliminated? The gospel section. Hmmm….

I realize stations want to get in as much music as possible. But this is the only selection I’m aware of that so blatantly gets the axe.  That’s too bad. It’s a beautiful rendition.

Here is the full version.

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