They delivered the bomb, but paid a price

This Saturday is Veterans Day.

In World Magazine Lynn Vincent writes a fascinating piece about the USS Indianapolis.

Almost 900 died in the 1945 wreck of the USS Indianapolis, the worst naval sea disaster in American history, but 317 survived.

A Japanese torpedo had blown open the bow of the ship. Seconds later, another fish slammed into Indianapolis amidships. In the minutes since, the vessel had taken three sharp lurches to starboard and was listing so badly that able men could no longer stand upright…the USS Indianapolis, at 610 feet long twice the length of a football field, disappeared. She went down “by the head,” in maritime parlance, plunging nose-first for 3½ miles before smashing into the seabed.

ON AUG. 19, 2017, after years of failed attempts by other expeditions, the SS Petrel, a high-tech exploration vessel owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, located the wreck of the storied ship at a depth of more than 18,000 feet. Video footage from the Petrel’s remotely operated vehicle shows Indianapolis in near-pristine condition due to a lack of oxygen and near-freezing water temperatures.

Vincent shares stories about some of the survivors asserting that their faith got them through the horrendous ordeal.

Before it sunk  the USS Indianapolis had delivered to the U.S. air base on Tinian Island crucial parts of the first atomic bomb dropped in combat.

Though not 100% accurate, in the movie “Jaws,” Quint, played by the late Robert Shaw gives one of the film’s best scenes.

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