Guns in church? I say yes

Pastor Frank Pomeroy hugs his wife Sherri after

There was a true hero in Texas this week. As the Washington Post reported about a mass shooter there:

As Farida Brown lay on the floor in the last row of pews in Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church, the 73-year-old woman felt certain she would be the next one killed.

And she almost was.

The gunman had fired numerous rounds into her legs. She was shot four times, but the bullets all struck soft tissue. None of her bones were broken, and no arteries were hit, her son said. But the man was revisiting those he had shot to make sure they were dead, and if they weren’t, he was shooting them once more.

Up to that point, Farida Brown had sustained only shots to her legs. But as the shooter fired into the woman next to her, she prepared to be slain.

At that moment, she heard a shot fired from a different man, at the front door..

The other man was Stephen Willeford, who lives near the church. Willeford, a certified shooting instructor, grabbed his own rifle and raced out of his house barefoot.

Willeford hit Kelley (the mass shooter) at least once, authorities said. Kelley then dropped his rifle, jumped in his Ford Expedition SUV and fled. Willeford, with the help of Johnnie Langendorff, who had stopped in his truck when he saw what was happening, gave chase at high speed, until Kelley’s car careened off the road into a ditch. Kelley was dead, with three gunshot wounds, including a self-inflicted shot to the head, authorities said Monday. Willeford apparently hit him in the leg and torso, according to Freeman Martin of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Farida Brown survived.

Time out!

I find this interesting. From the ultra liberal Huffington Post that liberals flock to frequently to drink the ultra-left Kool-Aid we get this.

Devin Patrick Kelley allegedly opened fire during a church service in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday morning, killing at least 26 people and wounding 20 others. He fled the scene and was found dead from a gunshot wound in neighboring Guadalupe County, Wilson County authorities said.

Oh, but of course.

Kelley didn’t open fire.  He allegedly opened fire.

And because he allegedly opened fire, he must have allegedly killed at least 26 people and must have allegedly wounded 20 others. After all,  you lefty reporters, gotta protect the guilty at all costs.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton caught some flak for calling for more armed security in churches and for allowing parishioners to carry concealed weapons into houses of worship.

This week he spoke in an interview about his comments with National Public Radio’s Robert Siegel:


It’s not the only response certainly. But it is a way of protecting innocent people and innocent lives. I mean, first responders in a rural community are sometimes 20 to 30 minutes away. And even in urban settings, they can be five, six, seven minutes away. And obviously with an automatic weapon, it’s difficult unless you have somebody in the church that can defend, either paid professionals, which – a church I go to in the Dallas area has security that they pay. But they are a big church, and they can afford it. But some churches may not have those resources, and so they might have to train their own people and be prepared if somebody like this comes in to harm their people.

At least when somebody is trained and they do have some type of weapon, there is a chance of diverting that person, slowing him down, giving law enforcement more time to get there. There’s no perfect solution for this. This is a, you know – obviously unsolvable in some ways. But there are ways to make it more likely that more people are going to live.

I worked at WUWM and was a contributor to NPR from 1978-1989 until the general manager did me a huge favor, fired me, and I was picked up immediately by WTMJ. I know now NPR operates.

Paxton was being interviewed by Robert Siegel who will soon retire. You don’t have to listen to Siegel very much to determine he fits in perfectly with the NPR model for hosts and anchors.

Unlike radio in the professional commercial world, NPR doesn’t want good journalists with good radio voices. NPR wants lefty voices that are elitist, snobby with noses in the air, and in the lefty Siegel’s case, I would add arrogant.

That’s why his next question to Paxton is not surprising.

SIEGEL: What do you say to that person whose reaction is simply, nobody needs to have a – an AR-15 model gun, effectively an assault rifle, a semiautomatic weapon – just not necessary, and we should just ban them?

Bravo to Paxton for his response that must have had the pompous Siegel steaming.

PAXTON: I guess I’d say, you know, they’re naive because people – you can put that law out there, and the law-abiding people will likely follow it. And that’s what law-abiding citizens do. People who are not law-abiding by definition don’t follow the law. So you’re arming people that are evil, and you’re taking away protection from people that are law-abiding who would use it merely as a defense mechanism as opposed to an offensive weapon to kill people.

In Madison, one church reportedly is looking to their Constitutional rights to prevent another Texas.

I wrote about guns in churches on my blog more than two years ago.

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