Today’s highly interesting read (10/25/17): In America we get along more often than you think

A Gallup November 2016 poll found that 77% of Americans, a new high, believe the nation is divided on the most important values, while 21% believe it is united and in agreement.

My educated guess? That hasn’t changed that much, if at all.

Oh, BTW, it doesn’t take much to ignite incivility.

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Here in my tiny hamlet known as Franklin we argue when we shouldn’t.

For once we did something entirely, magnificently right. We built an all-inclusive playground that has been a total joy for all who visit.

And yet local aldermen and alderwomen fought it tooth and nail, coming up with obstacles in an effort, if not to kill it, to make it more difficult so the mayor whom they didn’t support would not enjoy a victory.

A NIMBY faction of Franklin reared its ugly head with one resident actually stating at a public meeting that the playground was “for the cripples.” Is there a word beyond “ignorant” that applies?

We disagree in Franklin about a monumental development, Ballpark Commons, that would finally after more than 50 years make Franklin a destination and breathe some life into our city.

Our obscene taxes? Our supposedly conservative city turns into BOHICA-Ville when the property tax bills come out.

That’s our local situation. Nationwide, it’s a gazillion times more ugly.

So I was struck by a piece this week by A. Barton Hinkle,  senior editorial writer and a columnist at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

When we are constantly informed by the news media intelligentsia that we are divided beyond repair, Hinkle writes we’re surprisingly singing out of the same hymnal…a lot.

An exaggerated emphasis on differences obscures the degree to which Americans still agree

And he provides examples (though in some instances I don’t agree with the majority opinion).

Take a look.

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