Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Big weekend coming…can you feel it?

Happy Sweetest Day Kissing Couple Picture

That would be Saturday.

That would be this Saturday.

That would be…tomorrow.

A race to Hallmark will save you, but not by much. The only cards left will have monkeys or cats in fields of daffodils. The romantic stuff is long gone.

There’s still flowers. An expensive meal with a dessert totaling calories north of 1100.

Followed by…


We’ve come up with oldie perfect for this weekend.

It’s obscure, making it forgotten. Yet this oldie was good enough, big enough that when you hear it you’ll react, “Oh, yeh, I remember that one!”

To explode the mystery all I have to do is mention the artist.

John Paul Young.


That’s right. That’s the guy that did…



That song that started out…

Yeh, right.

John Paul Young.

First of all, regular readers of my blog are bright. Very bright.

Twenty paragraphs ago they weren’t fooled in the least.

John Paul Young?

My readers knew that’s not his real name.


Real name: John Inglis Young

There was a move to change it for a good stage name: very good move.

Young was born in 1950 and it wasn’t long before the family packed up and moved out of Scotland to Australia.

The young Young didn’t want to be teased by his fellow students. So he copied the local accent.

He joined a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, became a lead singer for a band, was discovered, and wrote some pop songs.

Then came the late 70’s.

Have you guessed his oldie yet?

Perfect for Sweetest Day?

I’m guessing…
No. You haven’t named that tune.

We continue.

It’s 1978. Young is on the verge of a major hit. He’s advised to deliver the vocal as if he’s in a conversation.

He did.

What followed was huge success.

Jones’ biggest hit reached #7 on the Billboard chart, and also enjoyed huge sales worldwide.

Disco? Maybe. But definitely not 100% disco.


Have you guessed yet?

It’s Sweetest Day this weekend.

That can only mean…

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