UPDATE: The Kaepernick effect trickles down

Previously on This Just In…

The update:

I work City Conference football and soccer games at South Stadium in Milwaukee. The boy’s soccer regular season ended Wednesday night. Playoff games are possible next week. There are football games scheduled at the stadium today and Friday.

Throughout the summer and fall it was quite common to see students and adults refusing to stand for the national anthem at South Stadium.

There was one display that was even more disgusting. It took place during a soccer game.

First, here’s a random photo taken at South Stadium looking from west to east at the scoreboard in the east end zone.


You can just pick out the American flag directly behind the scoreboard. When soccer is played the goals are placed in position on the field just underneath the football goal posts.

As the anthem played prior to a soccer game this season, at the goal by the scoreboard with the flag flying high above, one team’s goalie was in goal taking practice shots from a teammate. There was no attempt to stop it by the team’s bench.

Hopefully fewer and fewer pro athletes will stop protesting and the folks on and off the field at high school games who blindly copy this nonsense will cease.

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