Culinary no-no #535


Normally we don’t reveal the weekly no-no until about paragraph #30.

Here’s a clue that might give away the no-no much earlier this week.

That might not tell you exactly what the no-no is, but could still be a big help.

Villa Italian Kitchen has 250 locations worldwide including the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa.

The chain was founded with a single store, Villa Pizza, in 1964 by Michele “Michael” Scotto who came to America from Naples, Italy, armed with old world recipes. The original Villa Pizza was located right next door to the CBS/Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway.

Michele’s two sons, Biagio “Ben” Scotto and Anthony Scotto now run the business, and they’re not afraid to venture into creative marketing and products. For example:

pizza bikini

To mark National Bikini Day this past July 5th (you did celebrate I hope) the restaurant partnered with food stylist Jessie Bearden to create the Pizza-Kini.

Each bathing suit was handcrafted. Bearden met personally with each person who placed an order for a suit.

The trimming on the edges of the suit was made from hand braided pizza dough.

Entirely edible, the Pizza-Kini included 100 percent whole milk mozzarella, sauce from California tomatoes, and pepperoni.

Price tag: $10,000. Shelf life: one week.

A spokesperson handling public relations for Villa Italian Kitchen, when asked if the swimsuit was okay jokingly responded that a shower would be in order first.

Summer’s over, and now it’s…

So what unique offering is next?

You probably know.

It was bound to happen.

The company recently issued some statements.

“We know you crave that warm pumpkin spice flavor at this time of year. So we’ve created a delicious marriage of a classic Villa Italian Kitchen cheese pizza and all the cozy, seasonal flavors of fall just for you.”

Image may contain: pizza, text and food

“There’s no denying that everyone loves pizza, so combining our hit Neapolitan Cheese Slice with the delicious fall flavors of pumpkin spice just made sense. We are confident that this seasonal twist on our beloved cheese pizza will be a hit with all of our pumpkin spice loving guests this fall.”

Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice. Don’t forget the mozzarella.

At $4.09 per slice.

This is insanity.

The  foodie craze is now officially out of control. It has crossed the line.

Could it get any worse?

Well, yes.


Nunzio’s Kitchen in Sayreville, N.J. also has a version with a sweet pumpkin base topped  with lightly fried zucchini, ricotta cheese and walnuts.  Take a look:


Pumpkin pie filling is spread across the dough—the definition of crimes against carbohydrates—which is then covered with mozzarella cheese and baked. After that, the pizza is again doused with pumpkin pie filling, just in case it forgot that it was humiliated not ten minutes ago.

Comment seen on social media:

“I hope Governor Christie bans this by executive order. Anyone who sells or buys this should get life in prison without parole.”

Once again this brings to mind the great philosopher…

In one “Happy Days” episode Fonzie remarked about ketchup and ice cream. When they’re separated, AYYYYY, thumbs up. But put them together…yuckimundo.

Speaking of the Fonz,  Villa Italian Kitchen may finally have caused the entire pumpkin spice phenomenon to…


This new office ‘status symbol’ shows how depressing work is



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