What part of “NO” doesn’t Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele understand?

In his 2018 budget request, Abele is proposing a $60 annual registration fee as a dedicated source of funding for transit and road and bridge repairs.

Abele’s budget last year proposed a similar increase, but the County Board cut it in half to $30.

Back in April the spring election included an advisory county referendum:

Do you support County Executive Abele’s proposal for a $60 Vehicle Registration Fee (wheel tax) to provide designated funding for transit and transportation-related projects?

The math was quite simple. Voters were being asked to approve a 100% tax increase and they resoundingly rejected the idea, with 72% voting NO, 28% voting YES.

County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb Sr. said “After 72% of voters rejected Abele’s $60 wheel tax this spring, he must be tone deaf to reintroduce what remains a bad idea. Without public support for his $60 wheel tax, it’s hard to imagine supervisors going along with him and dramatically increasing the wheel tax, even if that’s what Abele proposes again.”

The beatdown of the referendum was even greater here in Franklin.

Voting YES: 1,008, or 17.32 %

Voting NO: 4,811, or 82.68%
(Source: Franklin City Clerk)

Abele’s not listening.

“I’ve said repeatedly that I don’t love the idea of a wheel tax,” said Abele. “But what I like a lot less is cutting transit.”

Contact your county supervisor and urge him/her to reject any increase in the wheel tax.

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