Today’s highly interesting read (10/04/17): They Survived the Las Vegas Shooting, But They Don’t Want More Gun Control

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“We lost Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to a man with a rifle. We lost Senator Robert Kennedy to a man with a handgun. We have seen too many gun deaths and I am here to say right now, ‘This must stop, and it must stop now.’”
Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.)

“After Las Vegas, don’t tell Americans gun control is off the table.”
The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board

“We need to make a stand for gun control now. We need to say we will not tolerate such incredible loss of life for one day more.”
Roxane Gay, an associate professor at Purdue University writing in the New York Times

Charlotte Alter covers politics and society for TIME in New York City.

Alter was sent to Las Vegas to cover the mass shootings. I’m not sure what her precise assignment was, and/or if she had preconceived notions about what she’d hear, find out, and ultimately report.

But she writes that some survivors she met and spoke with do not want more gun control.

Maybe that surprised her and her editor(s).  The liberal media is, after all, a vociferous cheerleader for gun control.

TIME is to be commended for running with this story.

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