Editorial criticizes Sen. Dave Craig’s gun bill

Instructor Andre Queen works with students on proper technique for holding their gun during a training course in 2013 for people planning to apply for a conceal carry permit.

Franklin’s representative in the state Senate, Dave Craig is the author of legislation that essentially would allow just anyone in Wisconsin to carry a weapon without a training requirement.

WTMJ talk show host Jeff Wagner has called the bill “the gangster’s friend” as well as  “crazy” and “just a dumb idea.”

Now the Racine Journal Times Editorial Board has weighed in.

It seems to us that if a state resident is going to carry a gun for personal protection, it is a reasonable requirement for that person to undergo some basic firearm safety training to make sure he or she knows how to use that weapon properly. And safely.


One thought on “Editorial criticizes Sen. Dave Craig’s gun bill

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