Bill by Franklin’s state Senator is the “gangster’s friend”

This week the state Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee voted 3-2 in favor of a bill that would allow people to carry concealed guns without getting training or state permits. The bill would also allow people to carry Tasers without training or permits.

The lead Senate author of the bill is Dave Craig who represents all of Franklin in the state Senate.

I’ve written that I find the training requirement necessary and reasonable. Because this legislation eliminates the requirement I don’t support it, even though I do like the provision in the bill that would allow those with a concealed carry permit to have a gun in their vehicle while taking children to or from school even if a school has posted notices.

Senator Craig has avoided mentioning the training aspect of his bill in his public notices (news releases, e-newsletters, etc.), which I’ve pointed out on my blog. That portion of Craig’s bill is a lightning rod, which could very well be why he chooses not to bring it up.

On his radio program on June 1st,  WTMJ’s Jeff Wagner called Craig’s bill “crazy” and “just a dumb idea.”

Wagner was even more critical when he discussed the bill again today.

The talk show host called Craig’s “the gangster’s friend,” a “gang banger’s bill” that was anti-police” and “disastrous public policy.”

A caller to the program, a gun owner, said the bill is “appalling” and “insane” and added, “what idiot thought of this bill?”

Like yours truly, Wagner said he hasn’t heard any good argument as to why training must be eliminated.

He urged Governor Walker, if the bill ever is approved by the Legislature and sent to his desk, to “run, run, run away from this.”

Click here and scroll in about 14:25 to hear Wagner’s podcast on this topic.

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