Week-ends (09/17/17)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…


Ramon Santiago

Becky Salmins




Miss America pageant


”We are making plain to these savage killers, that there is no dark corner beyond our reach, no sanctuary beyond our grasp, and nowhere to hide anywhere on this very large earth. Our values will endure, our people will thrive, our nation will prevail, and the memory of our loved ones will never, ever die.”
President Donald Trump warned would-be terrorists that ‘America cannot be intimidated’ on Monday as he delivered remarks at the Pentagon honoring the men and women who perished on September 11, 2001

“What I can say today is that I don’t live my life in complacency. I stand in solidarity that this world will make a change for the better.”
Debra Epps, who lost her brother Christopher in the 9/11 attacks, during a tribute to victims

“If we’re not getting a wall, I’d prefer President Pence.” 
 Ann Coulter after learning of the deal President Donald Trump made with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer on immigration that included no funding for a border wall  

“He likes us. He likes me, anyway.”
Chuck Schumer about Trump, on the Senate floor in a comment picked up by a hot microphone

“Nothing Trump has done should change the fact that he’s pursuing a toxic agenda, that he has been and continues to be divisive and disastrous. The American people at large know that, and Democratic leaders should not forget that.”
Justin Krebs, campaign director at MoveOn.org

“I am asserting that our base — our rank-and-file base — and a lot of us in the caucus, want to see … or hear, periodically, that parameters are being set” in discussions with Trump. “And we get alarmed at the speculation that this might be a new day dawning.”
Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.)

 “I just kind of went in the bedroom, laid down on the bed, just thought ‘OK, I just have to wait this out.’ But then, midnight, I decided, ‘Well, looks like it’s not gonna work.’ I had not drafted a concession speech. I had been working on a victory speech! I just felt this enormous letdown, this kind of loss of feeling and direction and sadness.”
Hillary Clinton

“I have a platform. I won more votes than anybody in American history for president besides President Obama. And I’m going to keep talking and trying to raise the questions that I hope Americans will take seriously and that I hope the press will take seriously, because we’ve got a lot of choppy water ahead of us.”
Hillary Clinton in an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin

“Although you say you still want a role in shaping the Democratic Party of the future, you’re still going to talk about the issues you find to be important, but there are some Democrats out there saying they don’t want you to do that. That writing this book is opening old wounds, re-litigating a past and it doesn’t help move the party forward. Have you reconciled that, that people might not want you around as the party steps forward?”
NPR’s Rachel Marin questioning Hillary Clinton

“Well, they don’t have to buy my book, and they can turn off the radio when they hear me talking. I’m not going anywhere. I have the experience, I have the insight, I have the scars that I think give me not only the right, but the responsibility to speak out.”
Hillary Clinton responding to Martin

Trump is “the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime, white supremacist.”
Jemele Hill of ESPN

“Jemele has a right to her personal opinions, but not to publicly share them on a platform that implies that she was in any way speaking on behalf of ESPN. She has acknowledged that her tweets crossed that line and has apologized for doing so. We accept her apology.”
ESPN management

“ESPN is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming). People are dumping it in RECORD numbers. Apologize for untruth!”
President Trump’s tweet


London explosion

Jury decision


Gallup poll


Global warming hype

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