Today’s highly interesting read (09/16/17): Help, I Can’t Stop Hooking Up With Trump Supporters

Lefty writer Korey Lane makes the above true confession on

I started arguing with a Trump supporter at a bar and then before I knew it, I was waking up the next morning in his bedroom.

I knew we’d never be anything more to each other than a hookup, but I didn’t care. The sex was hot, and it was uncomplicated in the sense that neither of us expected—or even really wanted—any strings attached.

I assumed it was a onetime experiment, but shortly after we ended things I started sleeping with yet another Trumpster who I was inexplicably attracted to.

But once again the thrill of the election and the friction of our differences made the passion so much more palpable in bed. As much as I don’t like the idea of sleeping with people whose values are clearly the opposite of my own, I can’t seem to stop, especially since the election.

Columnist Kurt Schlichter calls Kane’s admission “delightful” in that she has no choice to hook up the way she does because liberal guys are lacking in masculinity.

Look, it’s pretty clear that women naturally respond to men whose idea of initiating a romantic encounter doesn’t involve crying or abject, craven apologies for bearing the biological hallmarks of manhood. But that’s what liberal women have sculpted out of the already soft clay of liberal males. Their coastal elitist mommies and daddies, or other mommies, plop them down in some leftist college where the pierced and piercing fascist feminists get to work on them. These shrill harridans, aided and abetted by university administrators who have volunteered to go full Theon, then commence to mercilessly nag the poor femboys about toxic masculinity and accuse them of imposing patriarchy – as if these weenies could ever impose any kind of –archy on anyone. Pretty soon, these broken-spirited biomales have renounced their manly heritage and are sipping Chuck Shaw chardonnay spritzers and adopting cats.

Read “Liberals Surrender to the Awesome Power of Conservative Sexiness” here.


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