UPDATE: Franklin Mayor Steve Olson, now that wasn’t so tough, was it?

Previously on This Just In…

The update:

The mayor posted his wet kiss to “the State” on September 7th.

That honeymoon certainly didn’t last long.

Itching to find something in order to place blame on “the State” Mayor Olson found it in an apparent amendment to the state budget, a budget by the way that is still being deliberated.

What a concept. An amendment to a budget that hasn’t been approved yet.

On Monday he wrote on his Facebook page:

The State of Wisconsin intends to cancel our agreement with the Quarry Operators. Buried in an amendment in the State budget (to be acted on Thursday) is a three page law that overturns all local regulation of quarry operations including existing ordinances. This little gem was snuck in without any hearings or publicity. In order to get it out legislators need to vote against the entire budget. Call Rep. Skowronski and tell him to get this removed. 608-266-8590

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He also wrote a reply on the same post:

Look at the communities in SE Wisconsin that will be the casualties: Conservative Franklin, Conservative Burlington (Robin Vos territory), Conservative side of Racine… Conservative Muskego….

Mayor Olson can criticize the amendment and ask people to make phone calls all he wants. Nothing wrong with that.

As long as I’ve known him he’s had a consistent habit of pulling out the brush and using it rather widely to dump on “the State” for just about anything, and I’ve called him on it.

When he does that, it results in a perception that the guilty parties are the Governor, a certain political party, the state Legislature, state agencies, state employees, etc., rather than the actual GUILTY PARTY.

The mayor has no idea what person(s) inserted that amendment. So what does he do? He goes on social media …and blames “the State.”

And readers of his Facebook page take the bait and start slamming people irresponsibly (The Legislature suggests and considers budget amendments, not the person in charge of the Executive Branch. No courteous correction came from the mayor on his page when the Executive Branch got criticized.)

Meanwhile I look forward to the urgent e-mail/letter written by representatives of the conservative communities Mayor Olson mentioned above, including Franklin, to leaders in the state Legislature about this item.

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