The latest pro-life news (09/11/17)


From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Meet the Speaker: Matt Birk

This year at the Love for Life Gala, we are welcoming Matt Birk as our guest speaker. Matt is a former Ravens player and NFL Super Bowl Champion. But, more importantly, Matt is a father to seven beautiful children and a strong pro-lifer.

In this interview conducted by LifeSiteNews, Matt bravely responds to questions that everyone wants to know the answers to: Why did he turn down President Obama’s invitation to the White House? What are his views on marriage? Why do Matt and his family march for life?

Pro-Life Wisconsin is honored to welcome Matt Birk to our Love for Life Gala, as he is a 100%, no exceptions pro-lifer. We’re looking forward to hearing more of his story, and we hope you are too!

Watch the full interview here.

To hear more from Matt Birk in person, register for the Gala now!

Pro-Life News

PRO-LIFE LEADERS BLAST U.S. CONGRESS FOR FAILING TO DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD:  “Pro-life leaders wrote a letter to members of Congress on Tuesday, rebuking them for not keeping their campaign promises and imploring them to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all.” Read the article here.

20 STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL (INCLUDING WISCONSIN) TELL SUPREME COURT TO RELEASE VIDEOS EXPOSING PLANNED PARENTHOOD:  “Attorneys General in 20 states asked the U.S. Supreme Court to release undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s criminal activity.” Read the full article here.

MOM WITH CERVICAL CANCER REFUSES ABORTION, GIVES BIRTH TO A MIRACLE BABY:  “I was advised to terminate since the pregnancy was still early on, do a biopsy, and seek treatment. I said ‘no’. I was monitored the whole pregnancy. Cervical cancer doesn’t pose a risk to the baby. ” Read more here.

From WI Right To Life


She rejected chemotherapy and chose to die of cancer — so she could give birth to her child

‘Free Abortions’ for Hurricane Victims Isn’t Helping Anyone, Except the Abortion Industry

Cheers for your first abortion?


In this heartwarming piece by ESPN that was broadcast on Saturday, Jake Olson, who is blind, reflects on his journey from USC fan to player and snapping on an extra point in Week 1 of this year’s college football season.


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