Franklin Mayor Steve Olson, now that wasn’t so tough, was it?

Atta boy, Steve!

On his Facebook page the mayor recently posted this:

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His honor mentioned he was pleased to take part in a visit by Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch to Hermle Machine in the Franklin Business Park. Hermle, along with Krones, are participating in an apprenticeship program with the German International Chamber of Commerce. The Lt. Governor congratulated Hermle on this innovative program and encouraged it’s expansion.

The mayor also mentioned Franklin has been working hard with the businesses and the state Department of Workforce Development to solve issues with attracting skilled labor to the businesses in Franklin’s business park.

That’s great.

Here’s what is stunning to me, personally. The mayor also wrote this on his page:

I’m pleased to see the high level of support from the State on this issue.

I damn near keeled over.

Granted, I could be very wrong about this. But ever since Franklin’s successful battle to prevent a sex predator house from being built in the city that required extensive state action, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the mayor publicly say anything positive about “the State.” And that was a long, long time ago.

He’s my friend and he’s always had my support, and that’s been well documented.

But doggone it, I wish I had a dollar for every time he’s blamed “the State” for just about everything that didn’t go quite right in Franklin, or any other municipality for that matter.

So it’s good, albeit surprising, to finally see this admission by the mayor. I just hope he was totally sincere.

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