News media leaves out important details in Arpaio pardon story

Trump Defends Decision to Pardon Arizona's Arpaio

President Trump’s pardon of Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio has triggered shockwaves across America, primarily among lefty groups and their wholly-owned subsidiary, the mainstream media.

While driving home from timing a high school soccer game Monday night I scanned my radio dial and stopped at public radio, knowing fully well what I was in for.

My scanning stopped at “To the Point,” which has become almost a nightly assault on the president.

The final segment was on Arpaio, and was promoted on the program’s website:

He was convicted of contempt of court for refusing to stop illegally detaining Latinos while still in office. But before he was even sentenced by a federal Judge, President Trump issued a pardon. Last Friday, he tweeted that Arpaio was “an American patriot” who “kept America safe.” Mark Joseph Stern, a legal correspondent for Slate, discusses what this most unusual pardon could portend for the future.

To hear Stern talk with host Warren Olny you would have thought President Trump’s pardon was exponentially more disastrous than Hurricane Harvey. The discussion was typical of the heavily biased reporting that has been an orchestrated with hunt.

There’s a side to the story that’s been ignored, for obvious reasons.

Let’s back up a bit. On August 9, I received an e-mail from the sheriff’s wife, asking for help for her husband’s legal defense fund that was sponsored by the National Center for Police Defense Fund, non-profit, pro-law enforcement organization. Here’s a portion of the e-mail:

Never in a million years could I have dreamed I would ever have to write this letter to you.

But just days ago, my husband of 60 years, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was convicted of criminal contempt by a judge and is now facing a possible sentence of up to six months in jail!

Needless to say, we are devastated by this news!

I never could have imagined that after over 55 years of serving and protecting America…

… 31 of those years as a police officer and top official with the US Drug Enforcement Administration around the world and…

… 24 of those years as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona…

… my husband would be waiting to hear whether or not he would be going to jail himself thanks to a politically-motivated lawsuit brought by holdovers from the Obama Justice Department!

For over 50 years, I’ve worried night and day about Joe being killed by violent gang members, drug traffickers, or career criminals here at home and around the world.

Now that he is out of office, this should be the time for him to laugh with our two children, enjoy our four grandchildren to the fullest, and to focus on the future.

Instead, he’s been focused exclusively on the result of a trial.

During his 24 years as the longest serving Sheriff in Maricopa County, folks have heard about him putting criminals in pink underwear in “tent cities” in the desert, but not very many people know that he also gave shelter to abandoned and endangered cats, dogs and other animals in his jails and had the prisoners care for them and save them.

That’s the kind of man Joe is.

This man has been a loving husband, father and grandfather. He’s put his life on the line in the U.S. Army, the DEA, as a beat cop in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas and for the last 24 years as the Sheriff. He’s a hero and a patriot..I hope and pray to hear from you right away. Thank you and God bless you.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Ava Arpaio

Less than two weeks later, I received another e-mail, this time from the sheriff himself:

As I’m sure you know from the liberal mainstream media, who are absolutely jubilant over my verdict, I lost.

Yes, the Obama holdovers at the Justice Department finally got what they wanted: “America’s Toughest Sheriff” FOUND GUILTY of criminal contempt of court!

I was found guilty by a federal judge after a referral by another judge in the same courthouse.

That’s right, despite the charges against me, I wasn’t allowed to have a jury to hear my defense!

My friend, being let down by the very legal system I swore an oath to protect for 56 years in law enforcement is a tough pill to swallow.

I know that if my request for a jury trial — my Constitutional and express statutory right to one — had not been repeatedly denied, this made-up case against me would never have stood a chance.

And again, not only did the Obama DOJ holdovers prosecuting my case have my former attorney testify against me…

…They fought tooth-and-nail to make darn sure my 6th Amendment right to a trial by jury was repeatedly denied!

.Our team got every single one of the Department of Justice witnesses against me to admit that I never told them to disobey the judicial order to halt my round-ups of illegal aliens. Despite having the entire FBI at its disposal, the Department of Justice couldn’t find one witness who could testify that I intended to violate the court order, or that the court order was clear and definite at the time it was issued.

Furthermore, the same witnesses also testified that no one in my chain-of-command told them to ignore it, either.

That’s why I’m utterly convinced that, if my right to a trial by jury was honored like it should have been, I would have been exonerated!

Make no mistake: the ACLU and the Obama-era DOJ attorneys behind the case against me cheered when I turned in my Maricopa County Sheriff’s badge…

…Then, they deliberately stripped me of my right to a trial by a jury of my peers.

Yours truly,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio (ret.)

Four days later, Arpaio was pardoned.

Bottom line: President Trump’s action was legal.

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