The latest pro-life news (08/28/17)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Teen with Down Syndrome Saves Young Girl from Drowning

“A 17-year-old boy with Down syndrome is a hero in Italy after saving a little girl from drowning.

Valerio Catoia and his family were at Sabaudia Beach on July 12 when two girls ages 10 and 14 were literally swept out to sea. They were no match for the powerful undercurrent that relentlessly rushed them farther out by the second. They screamed for help.”

It’s estimated that 67 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome in the US are aborted. After reading a touching story like this, you will soon begin to wonder why.

Read the full story here.

Pro-Life News

I WAS COERCED INTO AN ABORTION AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD BY MY BOYFRIEND, AND I WISH I COULD GO BACK AND UNDO IT:  “I was the only woman crying in there from start to finish — a girl walking in sobbing, being patted on the back and told, “You’ll be ok.” I dont understand how they let me go through with it. I remember it all. I was hysterical in the exam room, and Planned Parenthood staff was telling me to relax because they didn’t want me to have complications.” Read the full story here.

SOUTH CAROLINA DEFUNDS PLANNED PARENTHOOD: South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued an executive order on Friday preventing abortion facilities from receiving any state or local money.

HIGH SCHOOL REJECTS REQUEST FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD ABORTION BUSINESS TO OPEN NEW CLINIC: Reading School Board voted 5 to 4 against the proposal as a large group of protesters gathered outside and in the meeting.

From WI Right To Life:


Atheists demand pro-life senator stop tweeting Bible verses

Pro-life group calls for baby-scented candles in pregnancy centres

Counselor Pushes Abortion Keepsakes: You Can Have a “Prayer Card With the Date and Tiny Footprints of the Fetus”




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