The sneakiest (dirtiest) speed trap I’ve ever seen

Let’s begin by stating that I did not get a speeding ticket today in the most disgusting speed trap I’ve ever seen. And I’ve never, ever seen one like this.

I was driving into Madison this morning on the freeway when the 70 mph speed limit goes down to 55.

Not soon after, just before the speed limit went down to 45, I saw what I, repeat, have never seen before.

There’s one of the Madison Police Department’s finest.  And my “something’s fishy meter” went crazy.

The uniformed officer is sitting in one of the cheapest folding chairs you can find. No Madison Police vehicle is in sight.

He’s got both hands clutching a radar gun, focused on the approaching traffic.

What the hell?

Soon it was clear.

As soon as I saw not one but four (4) MPD vehicles that had pulled over motorists.

Officer lounging in chair had radioed up ahead.

Further proof the city of Madison is Commie country.



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