It’s ELVIS Week: The media drops the ball

I’ll get to that headline, but first, Elvis Week isn’t over.

Now, when I saw and read the following I simply HAD to share for two reasons:

The author chronicles how the news media was caught by total surprise of Elvis’ death in 1977.

And this article is one of the most positive and for want of a better word, nicest you’ll ever find about the King. Simply click on the title:

Elvis’s death was a perfect example: The media doesn’t understand Middle America

Do you agree that was pretty special?

Part of today’s ELVIS Week schedule:

Elvis Double Feature

8:00 PM. Guest House Theater, The Guest House at Graceland. Free.
8:00 PM: “Girls! Girls! Girls!” starring Elvis Presley and Laurel Goodwin. 

10:00 PM: “It Happened at the World’s Fair” starring Elvis Presley and Gary Lockwood.
Both film screenings are free.

The movie featured this dance routine.

I liked it, a lot.

And the close.

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