That was some edit by NPR

Today National Public Radio’s Morning Edition program ran a piece by Jeff Tiberii of member station WUNC about protesters ripping down a statue honoring the Conferate soldier in Durham, North Carolina.

In his own words, here’s how Tiberii opened his report:

As chants of no KKK, no fascist USA bounced off the old county courthouse in Durham, a yellow rope was tied around a statue of a Confederate soldier. It was then pulled to the ground, and the crowd erupted.

Here’s the entire report as posted by NPR.

I worked at WUWM for 11 years from 1978 – 1989. I’d like to think the station’s news department and the network wasn’t as blatantly biased then as it is now.

As I listen to public radio I have to chuckle at the nauseating self-promotion. They’re so in-depth. They work so hard to bring you that extra angle of a story (as if no other media outlets do). And the condescending claim that they do their diligent research so they can best explain whatever to you. It is elitist snobbery.

Back to Mr. In-Depth Jeff Tiberii.

He described what he heard this way:

“no KKK, no fascist USA”

Hmm.  How odd.

That’s not what  Jaweed Kaleem of the LA Times reported:

The same day, demonstrators in Durham, N.C., cheered as they used a lasso to topple a 15-foot statue of a Confederate soldier and started kicking its head.

“No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA!” and “We are the revolution!” they chanted.

That’s quite an omission by the NPR affiliate reporter.

Did Tiberii edit it before he submitted the piece to the network? Or did the network take it out?

Will the network have an explanation on Wednesday morning’s program?

No media bias. None at all.

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