It all started out as an innocent trip to the Museum (Yes, there’s a Franklin angle)

We piled into the Fischer mobile bright and early this morning to try to wipe off one more item on our summer bucket list. The Milwaukee Public Museum awaited.

We, of course, had a great time, and that meant photos, lots of them. Some found their way onto Facebook.

One of them was taken on our last stop at the Museum, in the gift shop.

There’s a book section highlighting the Milwaukee area. My wife, Jennifer, hardly the back-benching brick-tossing political type noticed a book about Oak Creek.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot, she thought.

She thought.

Let’s do it, we agreed.

I feigned sadness, dismay, some might say disgust.

To clarify, no Franklin facsimile was on the shelves.

My wife posted on social media (how dare she).

Well, the soufflé disintegrated.

Two locally elected officials (I won’t name them) reacted as though they were in the dentist’s chair. As if Aaron Rodgers broke his leg.

Not funny.

Not funny at all.

Sour faces quickly emerged.

Good grief. Job too pressure packed?

The humor gets old after a while, my wife was told.

Well here’s the deal.

The Franklin vs. Oak Creek issue is real, 100% real. As in ZERO growth vs. phenomenal growth in the year 2017.

Ignoring it, burying one’s head in sand, and then to boot criticizing a messenger who’s been a supporter for bringing it up is not the answer.

The two that got all pissy have tremendous power, the ability to tax and spend us to death.  They don’t see the humor?  Guess what? Wanna get serious? Franklin needs to be congratulated for excelling at taxing and spending. Give them gold stars.

Wanna get serious? I’ll give them serious. As a taxpayer since 1992, the obscene taxes get “OLD AFTER A WHILE” and I’m tired of it.

They won’t like that, for sure, but they’ll get over it.

But they need to, how does the phrase go, get their undies out of a bundle.

It’s all so revealing. I’ve known for a long time and this cements it that once you’re elected in Franklin that somehow your funny bone is completely extracted. Thick skin thins. Get criticized?  Never, ever consider the critique could possibly have  a modicum of merit. Nope.  It’s gotta be wrong because Franklin is always right (My favorite: when in doubt, blame the state).

When Franklin has its next set of elections and the sorry excuse for a news website we have in Franklin asks the obligatory questions of candidates like the probing, “Why are you running?” maybe they should also include, “By any chance, do you have a sense of humor?”

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