Today’s highly interesting read (08/05/17): The “H” word

Several years ago a liberal colleague of mine stated to me with no shame whatsoever, “I hate Bush,” referring to the president.

“You hate him?”  I responded.

“Yeh, I do,” he retorted immediately.

I was taken aback because this individual usually accused the right of being hateful, but never conceded that he actually felt hatred, and seemed almost proud about his admission.

The hateful left is a reality.

In this read one of my favorite columnists, John Hawkins starts out very strong, then makes a solid case about liberals.

You want an easy way to tell if someone is a loser at life? All you need to do is look for the people who need liberal “help” to make it. Want an easy way to tell when those same people are pulling their lives back together? Watch to see when they don’t want any more “help” and want to start taking care of themselves. Liberalism is for poor people who are content to stay poor. Conservatism is for poor people who want to make a better life for themselves.

Hawkins’ entire column is here and he’s right on.

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