So, why Franklin? In short, how about it?

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While at German Fest Sunday our family stopped at a beer/wine/ stand right by the German Fest Pizza booth. It’s an annual tradition for us…the pizza with bratwurst and sauerkraut with a glas, yes, glas of champagne.

We know the volunteers at the tent so it’s a lot like…

The volunteer we usually spend the most time talking to, a fellow conservative, we learned lives in Oak Creek. Our conversation quickly turned to how booming Oak Creek has become and how Franklin has been pretty much dormant.

“Why is that?” our friend asked as he started to make his way to another patron. I had but one  millisecond to respond before his total attention was gone.

One brief moment to reply.

How to quickly answer such a loaded and not so easy answer that could fit on a bumper sticker.

Why is Oak Creek a glittering Vegas and Franklin the Vegas desert?

Just as we were about to lose eye contact as he headed to fill a giant stein I politely gave him my comeback knowing I had less than a fraction of second.


After more than 24 hours to think about it, I stand  by my answer.

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