Suppose Foxconn was interested in coming to Franklin?!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_1180/emoji.jpg

Not that Franklin would seriously be in the running, but let’s suppose for the sake of discussion Franklin was.

Notwithstanding the state  throwing in the kitchen sink to lure Foxconn (by the billions), Franklin would still weigh in, you betcha. And one can only imagine this city’s response that you can bet would be chilly.

Where, oh where do we begin?

Number of permits required?

A bunch.

Regulations needed to adhere to?

Repeat. A bunch.

Where would the building go?

Good grief.

Not there.

Invasive species? Wetlands? Have you taken into consideration?

Wait a minute. Not there.

How about…no, no, no. No way it’s going in that spot.

Inspections for the new building? Get ready for dozens.

There will be rings to be kissed locally. You want to come into Franklin, Foxconn? Bend down and beg. Beg!

And then there’s the inevitable outcry from the populace, many of whom haven’t flipped their calendars since 1956.

13,000 employees. Oh, dear Lord, where are they gonna live?

Workforce housing?

Over our dead bodies, no matter how high the quality.

And their kids. They’ll have to go to school. Better draw up another referendum.

New company? New plant? That’ll bring traffic, more cars. What do you think this is? 2017?






Economic growth.



Here those tires squealing? Foxconn racing out of town.

The backwards mentality that permeates Franklin, not to mention the anti-business cloud hanging over City Hall  would make any preliminary talk about Foxconn setting up shop in Franklin DOA.


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