Kathy Arciszewski, long time, no hear from

Kathy who?

When we last heard from Kathy Arciszewski, many, many years ago, the former Milwaukee County Board supervisor who represented Franklin was essentially tossed out of office because she defended then-Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament and her voter for a county calamity.

Ament was the #1 villain embroiled in the Milwaukee County pension scandal. There was no way short of a miracle Ament could survive the massive controversy. Even so, Arciszewski aligned herself with the severely damaged Ament.

That move was incredibly stupid.

Arciszewski became so despised she was resoundingly booed if she dared show her face at a  girls basketball game at Franklin High School.

So politically inept was the fumbling bumbling stumbling Arciszewski that she had to confront an angry crowd at a public meeting around the time of the pension scandal and it went horribly.

Arciszewski was chastised about a local TV news report that clearly showed Arciszewski embracing Ament at another meeting/event/location.

Dead to rights was Arciszewski.

Her response, and you can’t make this up:

The TV cameras lie.

That goes down as one of the dumbest comments by a locally elected Milwaukee area official…EVER!

Today Arciszewski contacted me. Remember, I’ve been blogging for a lot more than 20 minutes.

She commented on my blog in the “About” section, and here’s a screen shot (pay close attention):

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2

For the record, Arciszewski a) ripping me and b) comparing me to Charlie Sykes is just fine with me.

Thank God Almighty she’s not in office anymore.

I look forward to her next brilliant comment 6 months from now when she “finds” this.

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