Today’s highly interesting read (07/22/17): If You’re Illegal and You Vote, It’s Adios Amigo!

Have you heard about this? Probably not. From columnist Wayne Allyn Root:

Thirty-four hundred Colorado citizens just quickly and quietly dropped off the voting rolls. I know the reason why. Because President Trump is investigating voter fraud in Colorado (and every other state too).

Those 3,400 ex-voters are illegal aliens. Until now they got away with voter fraud. But now we have a new sheriff in town. And they’re starting to get the message: If you’re illegal and you’re voting…


Democrats want free and fair elections, without any chance of interference by Russians. Okay, I’ll bite. Let’s take concrete steps to assure our elections are free of fraud, corruption and manipulation.

Democrats also claim there are no illegal aliens voting in our elections. Let’s call that bluff.

The solution is a simple three-step process.

What’s the process?

Read the entire column here.

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