I had to look twice…did a Franklin official write this?

But no. It was a ridiculous editorial in the Janesville Gazette.

This is beyond dumb as hell.

The editorial is a response to Foxconn possibly building in SE Wisconsin.

The sudden influx of 10,000 jobs in Janesville could only be a good thing, right?

Not necessarily.

News of Foxconn considering and then passing up Janesville as the site of a $10 billion expansion project might have left some people feeling disappointed. But we know from experience the pitfalls of allowing one company and industry to dominate the local economy.

The GM plant closing happened not even 10 years ago. Let’s not forget with its closing came the sucking sound of hundreds of people’s livelihoods disappearing. When a community relies on a big employer, its fortunes rise and fall with that employer, too. The car industry is notoriously cyclical, and Janesville endured many ups and downs through the years before the bottom finally fell out in 2008.

Sure, we’re puckering a little, here, from sour grapes, but winning 10,000 Foxconn jobs wouldn’t be a perpetual party for the economy. It would come with a hangover.

Good Lord, how brain dead can you be?

Read Owen Robinson’s take.

And what if, by some miracle, Franklin was in the running for Foxconn (insert LOL here). How many Franklinites would be scared to death at the very thought?

2 thoughts on “I had to look twice…did a Franklin official write this?

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