E-mails, I get e-mails: Civility

“What we are watching is an unprecedented breakdown of civility, the quiet and vital bond that allows a free society to operate. The political class has declared open warfare on the Trump Administration, attempting to overthrow an election whose result it cannot tolerate. This attack is truly frightening, as it threatens the Constitution and the freedoms all of us enjoy. Conservatives can only wince as they see the National Review and Fox News join the pack in its assault. The nonsensical revelations and hysterical charges reveal a great truth about the human race that scientists of all descriptions would rather not think about: We are barely rational creatures. Weep for America. Better than that, stand up for it.”

Great e-mail.

The civility issue didn’t just materialize. It erupted a long time ago.

Here’s an article from 1996 I’ve linked to in the past. See how closely it depicts today.

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