Today’s highly interesting read (07/12/17): When it comes to vacations, I’m old school

Last year, late October into early November, the Fischer Family made another jaunt to the Mouse House in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. For about a week and half we did nothing but have lots of fun.

Realizing I’m taking a big chance because a new survey shows about 3/4 of people don’t give a crap about people posting their vacation photos, I’ll at least just show some generic photos that totally pertain to this blog.

We stayed at the Pop Century in Disney World.

My daughter and I have developed a tradition on Disney vacations. We get up around sunrise, may be slightly before, usually out of anticipation and excitement for the day ahead.

We quickly get dressed, nothing fancy of course, and head out for a walk while Mommy makes coffee, showers, and whatever. Mommy loves when Kyla and I go walking.

Pop Century is spread out, but Kyla and I always took a path that found us near water.

That would be the Hourglass Lake.

A few times we came across and actually walked across the bridge to an adjacent Disney resort, The Art of Animation.

The walkways all throughout resort were also a running trail.

And yes, Kyla and I saw joggers out there every morning. It’s common at just about every Disney resort.

When these health nuts race by, all huffin’ and puffin,’ I have to chuckle.

Is this really necessary?

You’re here at the happiest place on Earth to get up at crack of dawn…and exert yourself?

That thought is swirling through my mind as I contemplate hopefully finding the same cherry-cheese danishes that were beautifully displayed at the food court the morning before when I ordered breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong. If they want to jog, jog. And what scenery to jog to and through.

That just doesn’t scream VACATION to me.

Especially at Disney World where, believe it or not, I lose weight.

It’s all the walking.

Anecdotes I discovered on social media showed that on average, from a low to a high, the number of miles walked on a typical day in Disney World ranged from 9-14 miles.

So what’s with the pre-dawn marathon?

I’ll tell you what’s with the pre-dawn marathon.

We’ve gone nutso. A vacation can no longer be a vacation unless we’re working our buns off.

One of my favorite columnists, Jason Gay at the Wall Street Journal surmises, I think correctly, about this societal switch.

There was a time when exercise was one of those things, like the office, you took a vacation from—you slept in, stayed up late, ate the food you wanted, drank sugary drinks with umbrellas, even though you knew they’d give you a headache in the a.m.

Somewhere along the way, however, vacation exercise intensified. Sweat became as important as sunblock. In resort towns, there are now spinning classes and boot camps with all the cultishness of city and suburban fitness. Wearable, phone apps and remote coaching have made it easy to not miss a heartbeat or interval in marathon or triathlon prep. Amateur athletes no longer take holidays. Wake up at 5:45 and look out the window at the shoreline, and you’ll see someone standing contemplatively by the water—and then dropping to the sand to do a set of Burpees.

Oh, how true. There’s a lot more in Gay’s column as he tries to encourage a balance when vacationing.

In my book,  there shouldn’t be any balancing.

100% vacation, zero exercise.

Unless it’s swimming to the pool bar. 🙂

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