So, my wife walks into a Franklin small business or, Oak Creek is T and A

Earlier today my wife, Jennifer did what our family likes to do. She patronized a local Franklin business.

I won’t divulge the business or business owner for reasons that will soon become obvious.

Jennifer and the business owner had the opportunity to chat and the discussion eventually got around to the business climate in Franklin. It’s safe to say the proprietor was not at all happy.

It was the business owner’s view that many of the now vacant buildings and storefronts were once earmarked for places that would have greatly added to Franklin’s development landscape. But instead, they wound up in Oak Creek.


“They got that, too,” lamented the business owner.

I’ve blogged in the past that there are two distinct factions in Franklin:

1) The one that is totally disgusted that Oak Creek has everything and Franklin has nothing.

2) The other that says let Oak Creek have it all. We’re happy with our 1950’s lifestyle.

I get that about #2. Don’t necessarily abide by it, but I know it’s out there.

I am a staunch supporter of Mayor Steve Olson and he knows it. I’ve written a gazillion times praising the guy, especially when he’s been up for re-election, not to mention when I emceed the groundbreaking and Grand Opening ceremonies for Kayla’s Playground.

With the utmost respect to his honor, the business owner’s sentiments referred to above are not:

1) The result of Southridge being so close or,

2) The state’s fault.

As for those who would prefer Franklin not go the route of Oak Creek, can we at least compromise and meet half way?

I’m reminded of one of the many, many jobs I worked while in college. I was an usher at the old PAC (Performing Arts Center) where I saw a mega-popular Broadway show numerous times when it came on tour here.

One of the memorable production numbers is “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three.” Trying to make the cut when auditions are held for Broadway dancers helps a great deal when you have the right physical attributes.

From that scene, and I’ll clean it up a bit:

T and A
Bought myself a fancy pair
Tightened up the derriere
Did the nose with it,
All that goes with it!

T and A
Had the bingo-bongos done
Suddenly I’m getting national tours
T and A won’t get you jobs
Unless they’re yours

It’s a gas
Just a dash of silicone
Shake your new maracas and you’re fine
T  and A can change your life
They sure changed mine

At one point during “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three,” a not-so-endowed looks over at another dancer whom God has been good to and says:

“I wouldn’t mind having one of yours.”

She’s Franklin.

The other dancer is Oak Creek.


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