E-mails, I get e-mails: New Yawk New Yawk

Windchime socialist Bill DeBlasio, mayor of New York and whose honeymoon was spent in the spas of Havana, flew off to Hamburg to join the weekend anarchists who gather every time there is a G20 meeting. These cretins come together in order to break windows, burn tires, wear costumes or nothing at all, and proclaim some kind of message of anti-capitalism. Perhaps they should go to work for Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela so they could break the skulls of the canaille who can’t find enough to eat, don’t have medicine to give their children, and who want a shot at normal life.

It’s exactly the Venezuelan experience that socialists seem to wish on the rest of us. But they aren’t serious, knowing they’d get their butts flamed in a real revolution. Besides, their cell phones wouldn’t work there.

DeBlasio is in his element with such scum since he fashions himself a champion of the proletariat, whoever they are these days. The proletariat certainly doesn’t include most New Yorkers, whose subways are constantly breaking down, whose police protection has largely disappeared from the streets, and whose parks have been taken over by hordes of homeless.

The four-year decline of quality of life in NYC is a flannel-graph of what liberalism does to its environment.

The day before DeBlasio jetted off in his gas-guzzling plane to join the Group Hug in Germany, a policewoman with three children was assassinated in New York. DeBlasio saw nothing amiss in his leaving town at such a time.

I haven’t seen any mainstream media bothered by DeBlasio’s breach of decency and decorum. I guess they were too busy covering Chris Christie’s bad day in New Jersey.

That’s what we’re supposed to accept as the real story of the week.

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