They met for the first time 60 years ago today

On this day 60 years ago, John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time in Liverpool when John’s band was performing. Lennon (aged 16) and his band the Quarrymen were performing at a St. Peter’s Woolton Parish Church dance. Paul McCartney (aged 15) was wheeling around on his bicycle – hoping to pick up girls – and heard the Quarrymen playing. Luckily, a mutual friend was there. Ivan Vaughan introduced John to Paul, who whipped out the guitar that was strapped to his back and played “Twenty Flight Rock” and “Be-Bop-a-Lula”, among others. And John was impressed.

In 1999 McCartney performed this Eddie Cochran classic at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, and no, they just don’t write them like they used to.

Ooh, well I got a girl with a record machine
When it comes to rockin’ she’s the queen
We love to dance on a Saturday night
All alone where I can hold her tight
But she lives on the twentieth floor uptown
The elevator’s broken down

So I’ll walk one, two flight, three flight, four
Five, six, seven flight, eight flight, more
Up on the twelfth I’m startin’ to drag
Fifteenth floor I’m a-ready to sag
Get to the top, I’m too tired to rock

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