In Franklin, the pettiness of Chairgate never ends

The 4th of July has come and gone, but that doesn’t end the childish whining and moaning and gnashing of teeth about those big, bad, no good, rotten folks who leave out chairs days in advance of the Independence Day Parade to reserve a spot.

In a word, it’s called Chairgate, one big gigantic WAHH! by folks who liken saving a place to observe the parade to a felony offense. Bet they’re loads of fun at parties.

I thought I had heard everything about Chairgate. That is, until the 2017 version.

On the day after the parade the wussy crybabies bled all over the place on a Franklin social media site. You say this couldn’t happen? Guess again and read. Are these people for real? Sadly, yes

What started it all

My friend mentioned that the Tosa parade has a new(er) rule – no unattended chairs until 6am (their parade starts at 9am). Just throwing that out here – perhaps Franklin could adopt a similar rule?

Kevin NOTE: Sure. Let’s start a rule. No suggestion on how to enforce, but it feels real good to suggest it and talk about it. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

I’m entitled to a parade viewing spot

I’m glad my kid didn’t want to go to the parade because I think it’s too much hassle to find a place to sit.

I would much rather go if I knew it wouldn’t be as much of a hassle to find a spot. “Ooh, let’s sit there…..oh wait, there is rope there, I think that means I can’t sit there…but can I sit in FRONT of that…..hmm………oh wait, what about over there……wait, someone laid some chairs out there…..I see one over there……wait, is that chalk drawn in a square mean that someone is saving that area?”

Punish the bastards

They should get tickets for littering for leaving all that crap

It’s not just the parade

…the roping off of fireworks areas…People tripping on ropes in the dark. Not cool. Next year there will be ropes all over.

Someplace else has a stupid rule and so should we

I used to live in Menomonee Falls and they have a rule you can’t set up until 7pm the day before the parade. Having chairs on the streets a week before the parade is a little ridiculous.

You just wait and see. All hell’s gonna break loose someday.

You could use part time summer grounds crews, citizen volunteers to keep the roadway clear. If a fight breaks out over space, that’s a cost, if someone trips on a rope and injures themselves that’s a cost. Does the city have any liability if someone gets injured in such a manner? That’s a cost. There are people that could try to sue. We are a sue happy society.

Fight fire with fire

Best to nip in the bud now. It would cost very little if any to enforce this and could prevent injury and adults behaving badly in front of children at a family event. Maybe next year people can try their own “social experiments” and sit in “reserved” spots to see how the “reserver” responds.

By far the dumbest comment

Maybe the city can sell permits? $10 for a 4 x 4 section $15 for 6 x 6 which would be for one of those canopies Etc?

KF NOTE: Pay for a reserved spot? In this town with its obscene taxes? Not even if they bring me drinks and snacks.

Other views

The problem I see is that Franklin and I have something in common. We need and will find something to complain about. So if you fix this problem we’ll just find something else. So let’s find something that is a true issue if we are really going to invest effort and $

Bitching about parade spots for a lack luster parade only proves that we are all entitled ass hats. Boo hop want a tissue? Walked about 1/4 mile of the parade (end to 1/4 mile up) and saw only happy faces enjoying family friends and holiday. Wake up next day and read this cry baby fest.

Love the city and I love to complain. But we can until we are blue in the face and fact is this isn’t a real issue and thus nothing will change. It’s annoying yes. Inconvenient for some yes. But at the end of the day parade and fireworks went off to my knowledge with no problems. Thus I do not authorize the Mayor to spend my tax money enforcing a non issue.

Please, if we take it away you do realize that people will be fighting to get a spot the day of and be even more crazy. Also, I think it’s ridiculous that people show up as it’s starting and expect a spot, but with that being said we always share space with those who need it. I also don’t think a free-for-all is a good idea either.  Roping off a small space is helpful especially for those who have children in the parade and you need to cart all around to drop them off right before. It’s all good! Why can’t we be happy about how many attended this year and how many people love our city and our parade that they are ready and willing to be there with happy faces, cheering on America.  I was waiting to see when the complaining posts would start about the joyous festivities. Franklin always has to have something to complain about and other communities are noticing.

Kevin note: Amen

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