Today’s highly interesting read (07/03/17): Here’s How To Deal With Trump’s Tweets: Stop Caring About Them

It seems everyone is apoplectic about President Trump’s latest tweets that have blasted…

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

ICYMI from a few days ago…

On Sunday morning, President Trump sent out a tweet containing video in which he pummels a person with a CNN logo as its head. The tweet was accompanied by these hashtags “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN.”

This morning WTMJ’s Jeff Wagner said Trump’s behavior on Twitter “is not normal.” Wagner sounded surprised when some callers said the tweets were a big nothing burger.

Columnist Kurt Schlichter refuses to get into a lather:

“Liberals don’t annoy me when they whine about Trump’s tweeting because I know it’s all a lie and a scam, just like everything else liberals say. They don’t care that Trump is mean to girls. These cretins brought us Bill Clinton. They don’t care that Trump is vulgar. You should see what liberals, including proggy blue checks, say to me on Twitter. Let me put it this way: after the nonstop parade of death wishes, perversion accusations, and general mouth-foaming hostility the liberals traffic in every day, I’m distinctly unimpressed by Trump calling out Mika’s chin lift.”

Read the entire column, and it’s a beauty, here.

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